The Story Of Reclouder

By Thomas Gerbrands | Latest News

Oct 09

The Story Of Reclouder


By Thomas Gerbrands
on October 9, 2019 in
Latest News

Music Has Value

We at Reclouder work on multiple projects with the motto “music has value”. Our goal is to develop hardware, software and cloud solutions that benefit you as an independent creator in the monetisation of your creative craft. In other words, we highly respect creative work and the people behind it and we want to develop tools that simplify your workflow and provide direct monetisation opportunities of that creative work.

Record Audio

The Start

In the beginning of 2019 we were working on the promotion of one of those projects, We had decided to shoot a video with multiple cameras and a live band on stage in a venue.

By doing so we found out that setting up a recording environment for multiple sound sources (like a band) and with multiple camera angles was complex and time consuming. 

We found that all available solutions where centralised solutions. With this we mean that we needed one single operator that had the expertise and experience to work with such a recording system. 

Besides spending our own precious time, it costs a lot of extra money to hire such an educated person. Most of the time these are audio engineers who are actually more into live sound than recording that live sound. Or more into studio production work than live sound recording. 

We asked ourselves, maybe that is the reason why there is not that much high quality live music available online. At the same time the live experience is the best experience of music.

Best Recording

The Solution

That is why we came up with a solution that is easy to operate by any creator. A solution that fits both the workflow of a musician as well as a cinematographer. A solution that offers recording of live music without any technical knowledge. A device and workflow that saves time, money and gives access to the entire production process to any creator no matter the level of technical knowledge. When more creators can record more live performances it leads to more content, more potential revenue, and a growing fanbase.

Along the way we found that especially for filmmakers there is a need for prograde preamps. While they have expensive cameras and professional mics, most of the time they use inferior quality preamps of the camera. 

The Core of Reclouder

Reclouder is in essence a portable field stereo recorder. A smart preamp with versatile connectors. It functions as a lossless audio thru box to integrate in a live music environment and between a mic and a camera. Without setting up extra wiring. 

It allows you as a creator to keep using your professional instruments and tools. It is a clever recording box that is as easy to operate as a stompbox. From our point of view every sound related creator needs a Reclouder as primary gear and every creator must be able to operate such a device easily.

What makes Reclouder different to any other recording device is the decentralised approach. With the latest Bluetooth Mesh networking technology you can link multiple devices and record and sync multi sound sources. Be aware! There is no audio over Bluetooth. The wireless bluetooth network is only there to link and sync multiple Reclouders. 

You can record any form of audio with Reclouder as a standalone unit or in a recording network. You must control this recording network with our user-friendly mobile app. This app is to control the network. Again. Reclouder is a hardware recorder. We do not record on a mobile device nor do we push audio over Bluetooth.

With Reclouder you can record a potentially endless amount of channels in multitrack. You will record on the integrated SD card first. This way, also when using battery power, you can literally record everywhere. We do not force you into recording in a Wi-Fi environment nor the need to connect to a power source. Reclouder is about freedom and making your own decisions that suit your workflow best. When connected to your preferred Wi-Fi the recorded files we automatically be uploaded to a cloud session.

The Amazing Part

We chose to develop a cloud service for several reasons. The monetisation of creative work is always connected to the digital and online domain. Back in the days we listened to music on vinyl and recorded both audio and video on tape and film. Today we consume massive amounts of audiovisual material from huge cloud libraries. We believe the next step will be that this will be implemented in the creation process. The future is right around the corner with the Internet of Things, decentralised blockchain technology and 5G mobile networks. We believe that Reclouder fits exactly those trends and therewith is the future-ready solution to recording audio.

Our cloud service provides us the opportunity to keep developing the domain you work in. We connect our hardware with this dynamic environment to ensure you keep getting the best and we can develop the features you really need. 

A cloud service also provides you the opportunity to process the entire supply chain online. From recording your creative work to final distribution to a consumer cloud, it can all be done online and within our cloud service. We are developing a simple to use A to Z cloud solution for creators. 

It allows you to invite team members, band members, contributors and engineers to work with you on the audio project. It allows every member of the creation to have ownership and therewith digitally capture the copyright to your creative work. 

Furthermore it allows us to offer features to enhance and distribute your audio and return revenue and royalties to your account. It offers a marketplace for audio engineers to offer their expertise to people who really need it. This way we close the circle and make sure the expertise of audio is not lost and taken over, but implemented in a solution that benefits everyone and offers a dynamic solution without the need to leave the comfort of your local workspace. 

Now anyone can record audio and process this from A to Z with just a few clicks.


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