Every cloud has a silver lining

By Thomas Gerbrands | Latest News

Aug 04

Every cloud has a silver lining


By Thomas Gerbrands
on August 4, 2019 in
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For the last two months we have been sharing that all these crazy cool technologies are merged in this magnificent portable device. The way our decentralised solution connects with the changes that are happening in the online world. We tried to convince everybody that our solution is the best. 

And we ended up in discussions....

Discussions with experienced people about traditional solutions like mixing consoles. In discussions with musicians and videographers who mastered the skill of multitrack recording. 

We tried to convince you over and over....

...and we've learned one simple thing.

It is not really about technology.

It is about our shared admiration for the process of creating content. Technology is constantly evolving. We implement exactly that dynamic technology to keep improving our service. We offer a way of thinking, a vision, a direction to value our proposition and to change things for the better.

We honour great musicians and creatives that design the content we enjoy so much. We live in a time where music and video have become instant coffee. A fixed formula that can easily be generated by a computer and lip-synced on stage. We ask ourselves the question: “Is it real?”

The live experience is the soul of music. We bring back that craft of playing music and honour this with live sound! We believe that creators will change the recorded music industry for the better. Music is audio. Audio is so much more. Today’s creative content is amplified by audio. We focus on any creative work that involves audio in any form. That is where we want to make a difference. That is where we want to connect.

Reclouder Creative Cloud

The purpose of project Reclouder

You are the creator. We are your support. Together we are the community. That is why we created a cloud service. It is a dynamic solution. It is a service. It is an open source to move forward.

We will adjust to your needs and desires. We will develop and improve while working closely with you and the community of creators. It is a versatile and evolving environment where you are the key. Just plug in your Reclouder and record. Then tell us what we can do to make a difference. We will make it happen. 

We make recording audio accessible for anyone. We start with the end in mind. It is a journey. In the beginning our contribution might be small, but we are an ambitious team of dedicated people. An agile community of creators and engineers. We are willing to make a difference and support each other in a cloud-based ecosystem that is committed to your success. 

A thoughtful moment

We’ve been reflecting our direction with a wide range of engineers and technicians. We understand that your craftsmanship has been under fire for the last decade. Our service is a tribute to your know-how. We invite you to join our service. Become part of a flourishing marketplace. Offer your expertise to an ever-growing number of creators. Join this movement. Support the creators of the future and make sure you are ready for the next step.

Reclouder is at the start of something that is greater than ourselves. You can only enjoy what you have by sharing it with others. We support you in the process of creation. We invite highly skilled specialists to take your work to the next level. That is why we start here today and evolve along the way.

Reclouder for video

Step by step we go hand in hand

The development of the personal hybrid recorder is our first step. We will follow up your requests closely.  We will develop features to empower your creative process that incorporates audio in any form. We simplify recording and open up audio-based content creation to anyone - with just a single click or a push of a button…

We've added wifi and our cloud service to store audio content and share this with professionals to enrich your content.

We've added bluetooth to ensure you can work in teams and keep ownership and control of your part of the process.

If we cannot offer your solution within our available features, we will connect you with the right partner to make it happen. Together we make an impact that exceeds the outcome of any individual.

You create! We enhance! Together we excel!


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