Reclouder receives official patents

By Thomas Gerbrands | Latest News

Feb 25

Reclouder receives official patents


By Thomas Gerbrands
on February 25, 2020 in
Latest News

Reclouder technology officially patented

Ever since we started developing our innovative approach to recording audio we considered our technology to be the first of its kind. Therefore we have applied multiple patents with China’s National Intellectual Property Administration. Today we can announce we are the first official party worldwide that officially patented: 

1. Audio recorder with automated cloud storage using wifi.

2. Audio recorder that links with multiple units and records in sync with upload automation.

What does this mean for you?

Reclouder’s technology is made to become the one-stop hybrid solution for all audio creators. With these patents it can also be embedded into any instrument or piece of equipment. Now all devices can join the same IoT network. Think about all microphones on stage that link and record with our integrated technology. Think about multiple electronic instruments that can link and record on stage? 

We believe this will open doors for a wide range of industry partners to develop with us the future of recording audio.

What does Reclouder offer now?

  1. First it is a 24/96 SD card compact audio recorder.

  2. Multiple Reclouders can be linked via Bluetooth Mesh technology and remotely controlled with our user-friendly mobile app as a wireless multitrack recording network.

  3. All Reclouders can upload their recorded files to one session in the cloud - automatically - once it connects to WiFi (no need for computers, interfaces and other recording solutions), so you can process, share and archive your multitrack files immediately for post production from any given location.

  4. In the cloud, we will work with 3rd party partners to provide all kinds of audio processing such as mixing, editing, mastering and even music distribution.


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