Reclouder receives “Most Innovative Product Award”

By Thomas Gerbrands | Latest News

Oct 02

Reclouder receives “Most Innovative Product Award”


By Thomas Gerbrands
on October 2, 2019 in
Latest News

Music China Show 2019

Music China 2019 will take place between 10 and 13 October 2019 in Shanghai.  With China being one of the largest consumer market in the world, it is the leading trade show for musical instruments in Asia. Over 110,000 visitors from more than 81 countries and regions crowded into Music China 2018 to source for the latest market’s favourites. 

It has been officially announced by Music China that Reclouder will receive the award for "most innovative product first release" during Music China 2019.  As stated by the organisation:

The Reclouder recorder is the world's first personal cloud recording device, an innovative application for the music industry to embrace the Internet of Things and 5G technology. It consists of a modular recorder and a proprietary cloud service that provides musicians with a complete solution for live performances of unlimited multitrack recording, cloud savings, cloud collaboration, and global distribution of music productions.

Of course we will be available during the show in October. If you are interested to meet with us go here!​​


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