Keynote Music China: Reclouder

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Oct 14

Keynote Music China: Reclouder


By Thomas Gerbrands
on October 14, 2019 in
Latest News

Music China 2019

It was during Music China last week that Reclouder received its first award. On the largest music technology & instruments trade show worldwide in Shanghai, Reclouder was named "Most Innovative Newcomer".

During the trade show our CEO Zhao Yitian had the opportunity to do a keynote. In front of industry professionals and leaders from all over the world we shared our story. Continue reading to find out more.


Record Live Music

What are the major difficulties in live recording?

Recording live music is time consuming and complex. You will need on-site recording equipment and the support of a skilled engineer to ensure quality. We register these three major challenges for an average musician when recording live music: 

  • On-site recording equipment support
  • On-site recording engineer support
  • Post-production support

For a musician it can be frustrating. When you decide to do it yourself the final results can lead to a lot of disappointment. This makes musicians completely dependent on expensive equipment, the know-how of external engineers and producers in post-production.

“When looking at the complexity and cost of live audio recording set-ups, we realized there must be a simpler and more cost-effective solution,” said Zhao Yitian, Founder of Reclouder. “With Reclouder, we're reducing the cost of pro-audio recording and generating more live recordings. This means more revenue for the audio and video producers and the sharing of music amongst groups of people.”


The Simple Audio Recording Solution

Which solutions does Reclouder offer?

The most important attribute of Reclouder is that it is build to be simple. It is a recording device that is designed to be operated by anyone. No matter the level of expertise of technical knowledge. Reclouder works as standalone and in a network. This network is easily operated with a mobile applications. Now it is simple to record every sound source and sync this automatically in the cloud.

The second important attribute is the versatility. Reclouder offers a standalone solution for a single musician or a band. It is also suitable for filmmakers and videographers. Especially when looking at wedding videos, music videos and video interviews. 

The third distinctive attribute is technology. Reclouder brings a simple solution for a complex challenge. We offer high-quality recording with simple cloud automation and easy Bluetooth expansion. With the arrival of 5G, lower storage costs of cloud services and high-speed internet connections, Reclouder offers a future-ready solution to a wide range of creators.

Professional Live Performance Multitrack Recording & Production

Why use our cloud service?

With Reclouder we offer high quality multitrack recording for musicians and videographers. With our cloud service we offer a dynamic environment for everything connected to the production of your recordings towards a profitable digital asset.

Besides long distance post production we will develop audio enhancement, music distribution and other useful services that will ease up the life of any creator, while increasing the quality of the end product. 

We see recording as a service. In the past you could hire an engineer or try yourself. Now you have the ability to  use our cloud service and hardware unit to do the job for you. It is like going to a restaurant (hire engineer) or cook yourself (do it yourself). Reclouder in this comparison is like ordering takeaway from the comfort of your home. 


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