Join the Reclouder cloud for free

By Thomas Gerbrands | Latest News

Sep 30

Join the Reclouder cloud for free


By Thomas Gerbrands
on September 30, 2019 in
Latest News

Welcome to the cloud

We have been developing our dedicated cloud service in the past months. The purpose of the Reclouder cloud is to offer you a dynamic environment to store, share and process your audio recordings. The cloud is a place that offers up-to-date services to enhance your audio recordings and to work on a project as an individual, in a team and as a band.

With Reclouder’s hardware you can record audio in the best quality. With Reclouder’s cloud service you can store, share and enhance these recordings. The ultimate goal is to offer you a hybrid solution that makes recording audio simple and offers the best technological solutions to deliver the highest quality of work, no matter the level of expertise. We want to offer every creator the opportunity to create high quality audio productions.

Cloud Audio Service Reclouder

The cloud future

Ultimately the cloud becomes an environment where your recordings are stored, processed and distributed. How much and which parts of the cloud service you will use, that is entirely up to you. If you are an expert audio engineer you can grab the recordings and process them in your DAW or video production software. If you are an amazing musician but absolutely non-technical you can invite your local expert to the cloud session to grab the recordings and process them. 

You can also invite a connected engineer through the online marketplace. And distribute your recordings to any platform to monetise your creative work and use effective online tools for audio processing.

Reclouder Audio Recording

Join the beta testing team

As said we are developing our cloud service as we speak. Therewith we invite you to sign up for free to test the first features and let us know what your experience is, how we can improve and what you will need more. 

For now we offer file sharing and storage functionality. In the future we want to add audio enhancement tools and a distribution services.

If you want to join click here to signup


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Martin Ratinaud September 30, 2019

Awesome, I just joined.

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