How To Record Your Band With Reclouder?

By Thomas Gerbrands | Latest News

Mar 27

How To Record Your Band With Reclouder?


By Thomas Gerbrands
on March 27, 2020 in
Latest News

What is Reclouder?

Reclouder is a portable audio recorder that connects to your microphone, instrument and camera. It is the smart audio recording solution for creators. This 4-in-1 smart audio recording solution allows you to record high quality audio, backup in the cloud, expand to multitrack recording with the ability to distribute your recordings instantly online.

That is a lot of functions. Maybe even a bit overwhelming. Please take your time to read this complete documentation on Reclouder and what it can do for you as a creator. Take your time. No need to hurry. At this point Reclouder is still in the development stage. That is why it will take until September 2020 before we will bring it to the market.

Feel free to register for our mailinglist and leave a comment. We are open to any suggestions, concerns and feedback to improve Reclouder together with you.

Multitrack Recorder
  • Reclouder is a 24-bit/96kHz compact audio SD recorder.
  • Link multiple Reclouders via our patented Bluetooth Mesh networking technology and remotely control this wireless multitrack recording system with our user-friendly mobile app.
  • Automatically upload, archive and backup recorded audio files into a dedicated cloud session when connected with Wi-Fi (no need for computers, audio interfaces and other devices).
  • Store, sync, and share audio files and enhance your recordings by using our cloud-based services such as mixing, editing, mastering and music distribution.

Imagine what this can do for you?


How does it work?

Record Concerts

Patented Technology


Patented Technology

Simple Setup

Reclouder is perfect for...

Record Band

Never miss an exciting moment on stage and capture every performance. Simply plug in, play and record. Record one single instrument or microphone per Reclouder and scale up to record your entire band. Link multiple Reclouders via Bluetooth connectivity. Streamline your workflow by storing, syncing and sharing automatically in the cloud for post-production.Enter your text here...

Record Audio for Video

High Quality Audio for Video

Take on every project with Reclouder's recording capabilities and pro grade preamp built to enhance every video mic. Record from one single source or scale up to a wireless multicam audio recording network. Effectively store, sync and share your project in the cloud for post-production.

Capture every DJ set, document your shows and build your complete historical archive of live sets. Simply plug, play and record. Master your recordings and share your enhanced audio files automatically in the cloud.

Reclouder allows you to take on every project. Record from a single source or scale up to a wireless multitrack recording network without compromising quality with our pro grade preamp. Store, sync and share versatile projects automatically in the cloud for post-production.

As seen on...

The future of audio is cloud-based

Today, we use a number of cloud-based services on a daily basis whether we realize it or not. While there are a few cloud-based options for online collaborations, software editing tools and audio processing, Reclouder is here to help massively increase the quality of your creative work – all in one place using one device. 

Reclouder offers Bluetooth Mesh networking technology to link multiple units in order to record multiple sound sources simultaneously like a live band or multi-camera project – We do NOT record audio over Bluetooth, we offer a control network. Our cloud service is an ever-evolving environment that enhances your audio easily and supports your creation process effectively. Not only does our cloud service support your work, but our accompanying mobile app helps make multitrack audio recording available to everyone. 

That’s right – use our cloud service to store your recordings, sync multiple tracks, share files with your team or band members and download your recordings for editing. With an exclusive online environment to enhance your audio within a marketplace and online mixing and mastering services, your audio will sound better than ever before.

Reclouder Cloud Recording

Sync Store Share Audio

Regain the freedom to create. While you focus on creating music and capturing sound, a cloud session is created. Reclouder then automatically uploads, secures and syncs your multitrack recordings to the cloud with a Wi-Fi connection. Access your recordings anytime, anywhere.

Don’t worry, Reclouder also records instantly on removable SDHC cards up to 32 GB if that’s your style. Battery power will allow you to record anytime, anywhere - with or without a Wi-Fi network.

Reclouder's Features

Reclouder functions as a lossless audio thru-box with a built-in recorder. Simply connect your mic or instrument to the input of Reclouder and wire further using the direct thru connection. That’s it… you’re all set up!

Reclouder is also compatible with almost any microphone. It fits any setup and is fast and easy to massively reduce stress and time without compromising quality.

Finally, you’re in control of recording your music from the palm of your hand!

Reclouder offer a user-friendly mobile app to control a network of smart portable recorders on stage or on wedding locations. (Spoiler: It is a control network. We do NOT record on your mobile device)

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the mobile app can control your devices, sessions, sources and user management.

Reclouder offers the most simple way to record high-quality audio outside the studio, from single track to multitrack. Create a decentralized wireless recording network for multitrack recording by linking multiple Reclouders via Bluetooth, and control your entire network of sound sources or instruments within the mobile app. 

Never worry about a complex multitrack recording setup again. Reclouder fits in any setup.

Reclouder’s pro-grade preamp and versatile connectors are compatible with the best mics, instruments and cameras for high-quality recordings, no matter the venue. Reclouder allows you to do your thing on stage without having to worry about damaging your recording device. Record high-quality audio with your favorite microphones, instruments and cameras. The minimalistic design and hard, sturdy outer shell will discreetly record while keeping your audio safe too.

Reclouder offers automated cloud storage and online services to enhance your audio. The purpose is to open up cloud-based audio recording to any creator and deliver a simple yet effective platform to record, archive and enhance your audio.

We focus on the improvement of the entire production process of audio. We are developing a decentralized recording solution that connects with trends of blockchain, IoT and 5G and is ready for the future of audio recording.


Video 1: High Quality Audio

Reclouder offers a high quality preamp to connect with almost any microphone. Watch this video to hear the difference.

Video 2: Cloud Automation

Reclouder offers instant cloud automation and syncing. Watch this video to understand our cloud recording automation feature.

Video 3: Link Multiple Devices

Reclouder offers unlimited expansion to record in multitrack using Bluetooth Mesh networking technology. Watch this video to understand how to control multiple devices with our user-friendly mobile app.

Video 4: Easy to Integrate 

Watch this video to understand that Reclouder can be used on stage and passes through your audio signal when recording and when turned off.

Video 5: Reclouder NAMM 2020

Watch this video allow CME CEO Zhao Yitian to perfectly explain the concept and idea behind Reclouder during Winter NAMM 2020.

Note to audio tech enthusiasts

It is an amazing time for creators as more and more of us are utilising the opportunities given by today’s technology. The professional recording studio is transforming into a highly accessible and dynamic environment. At the core is you, the creator and your work.

The footprint of technology is also affecting the way we consume audio. The transition has been enormous with more consumers having access to your creative work with the ability to oftentimes pay for it. Everyone can create and consume music, podcasts, videos and other creative work, no matter the location or time.

We truly believe that creators like you will change the recording music industry for the better. We aim to focus on making a difference when it comes to creative work that involves audio, and we want to support you however we can!   

We’ve been sharing the idea around Reclouder for a long time now. After feedback from musicians, videographers, sound engineers and more, we realized one thing: it’s not about the technology, it’s about our shared admiration for creating and processing audio content. 

Register today for the Reclouder mailinglist and we will keep you posted on the progress.


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