Why you should support Reclouder on Indiegogo

By Thomas Gerbrands | Latest News

Oct 07

Why you should support Reclouder on Indiegogo


By Thomas Gerbrands
on October 7, 2019 in
Latest News

Support Reclouder on Indiegogo

Reclouder will be live on Indiegogo as per October 9, 2019.  To answer the questions "Why should you support Reclouder on Indiegogo?" we would like to inform you on the three different stages:

What can we offer now? Reclouder is an easy to operate (field) recorder for any creator no matter the level of expertise. It offers high quality components, simple integration, cloud automation and Bluetooth expansion. Click here to continue reading!

What can we offer soon? Reclouder is constantly developing. That is why we chose to offer a cloud service. This is a dynamic environment that is evolving and adjusting to your needs over time. The purpose is to open up cloud-based audio recording to any creator and deliver a simple yet effective platform to record, archive and enhance your audio. Click here to continue reading!

What can we offer in the future? We believe that music has value and that this value has to be allocated to the creators. We focus on improvement of the entire production process of audio. The complete supply chain. Our aim is to deliver a one-stop platform where you can work on the entire product. From A to Z. From recording to audio processing to distribution and monetisation of this high quality audio content. Therefore we develop a decentralised solution that connect with trends of blockchain, IoT and 5G. Click here to continue reading!


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